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Intervention and Family Addiction Coaching Services


We work with you to handle all aspects of intervention such as:

  1. Intervention Planning
  2. Help with locating and securing the most appropriate treatment option
  3. Pre-intervention meeting and education for loved ones
  4. The intervention itself
  5. If appropriate, transportation of the individual to the treatment center

Frequently Asked Questions

What if my loved one has been to treatment before?

My professional intervention is still a viable option. It is not uncommon for a person struggling with an addiction, eating disorder, or mental health disorder to need more than one attempt at treatment in order to change their behavior and heal. Past treatment attempts may have been unsuccessful for several reasons including: patient’s lack of readiness to change (he may have not hit his bottom yet) or his lack of involvement in the treatment process.

Other common issues include improper treatment placement, no solid discharge plan or noncompliance with aftercare, and/or lack of family involvement. People suffering from opiate or methamphetamine addiction or alcoholism often need to repeat treatment several times before they are able to break free from these powerful physically and psychologically addictive substances. However, there are many people who now live clean and sober lives who repeated treatment more than once. So do not lose hope! This may be the time that changes your loved ones life.

How do I know if my loved one and our situation is right for an intervention?

There are many factors we consider in determining if my professional intervention is appropriate for our prospective families and their loved ones.

Unlike some interventionists I do not accept every family that comes to ME for help. During initial phone consultations I gather information to help determine if my intervention will most likely work in your individual situation. If I don’t feel like I’m a good match, or that my intervention will most likely fail, I do not proceed with working with your family. Every family situation is unique and I customize my services to match those differences and needs. I will consider such things as family participation and support, the stage of change in which the addict is currently in, and what consequences the addict has a experienced as a result of his addiction.

Why do we need to hire me the proven Interventionist? Why can’t we just facilitate our own intervention?

There are many resources available to assist families in planning and executing their own substance abuse intervention, and in some cases this may work. However, when relationships are already strained and tensions run high there is an increased risk for the intervention to go south. Tempers may flare, arguments may ensue and what started out as concerns expressed by loved ones now falls on deaf ears leaving the addict and loved ones more frustrated than prior to the intervention. Most families of an addict have already made several informal attempts at expressing their concerns to convince their loved one to accept help. These attempts may have been in the form of family meetings, talks, letters, and threats. If these previous attempts have not worked, and were not received well by the addict the chances of a non-professional intervention working is lower.

How do I decide which treatment center and arrange for treatment?

This is an important step towards the well being of your loved one and often an overwhelming and daunting task. In the age of Internet and advertising access to information has become easier, yet discerning which treatment center is reputable and the best fit for your loved one has become harder. I aim to always match my clients with the best possible treatment fit. I will provide you with REAL recommendations and assist you through this process. I only refer and present to my clients treatment options which have met my high standards including careful screening and that I have personally visited.

Additionally, I follow MY clients after their treatment to evaluate the effectiveness of the treatment they received and to gain a better understanding of what types of individuals respond best to various treatment settings.

Who should be involved in the actual intervention?

Anyone close to the individual with the self-destructive behavior or anyone who has influence over that person. This may include: parents, siblings, extended relatives, neighbors, friends, pastors, and employers. I will assist you in determining who to include and not to include in the intervention. The number of people participating in an intervention varies and can be between 2-7 people.

What is Leonard Wayne Interventions?

Addiction consulting is any other services a family and their loved one may need through out the recovery process. While, I do not provide all needed services myself I will refer out and make recommendations to assist you in finding the best options for your needs. This may include referring clients to intensive workshops, individual and family therapy, sober houses and extended treatment, intensive outpatient programs, and other services. Some families do not need an intervention because their loved one has agreed to treatment.

In this case, families may use MY services to locate viable treatment options and to coordinate those services. Other families may not need a full professional intervention, but need a third party to help mediate discussions or family meetings in order to assist getting their loved one to treatment. I can provide this guidance and support, which makes the process much smoother.

Call Today As Someone’s Life Could Depend On It.

Family Coaching

Intensive face to face meetings and telephone contacts help provide you with support and guidance in regards to your loved one’s recovery. This may involve exploring your own issues around your loved one’s addiction and working towards changing negative patterns that do not support his recovery. My family coaching is available to give you support whether you have a simple question or an urgent crisis. Families who utilize our ongoing family coaching gain a sense of relief, and confidence knowing they have someone to turn to for support. These families learn skills and new ways of interacting with their loved ones that will decrease the likelihood of relapse.

Other Addiction Consulting Services

  • Education and workshops for families, individuals, business and church community groups.

  • Treatment planning, referrals and appropriate placement consulting.

  • Comprehensive chemical dependency evaluations and assessments.

  • Coordination of care, care management and case management services.

  • Facilitating of family meetings and counseling sessions.

  • Discharge planning and follow-up care.

  • On-going support to addicts and families impacted by addiction through crisis management and support, counseling and psychiatric referrals.

Call Today As Someone’s Life Could Depend On It.