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Intervention and Family Addiction Coaching Services Offered:



Includes intervention planning, help with locating and securing the most appropriate treatment option, pre-intervention meeting and education for loved ones, the intervention itself, and if appropriate, transportation of the individual to the treatment center.


Family Coaching

Is intensive face-to-face meetings and telephone contacts that help provide you with support and guidance in regards to your loved one’s recovery. This may involve exploring your own issues around your loved one’s addiction and working towards changing negative patterns that do not support his recovery. My family coaching is available to give you support whether you have a simple question or an urgent crisis. Families who utilize our ongoing family coaching gain a sense of relief, and confidence knowing they have someone to turn to for support. These families learn skills and new ways of interacting with their loved ones that will decrease the likelihood of relapse.

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Other Addiction Consulting Services

  • Education and workshops for families, individuals, business and church community groups.

  • Treatment planning, referrals and appropriate placement consulting.

  • Comprehensive chemical dependency evaluations and assessments.

  • Coordination of care, care management and case management services.

  • Facilitating of family meetings and counseling sessions.

  • Discharge planning and follow-up care.

  • On-going support to addicts and families impacted by addiction through crisis management and support, counseling and psychiatric referrals.

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Addiction is a life threatening condition. Our staff is committed to helping you and your family. We are ready twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.